From composing to singing to creating to producing

Vocalist and songwriter Shea Breaux Wells possesses that rarest of qualities: she has the ability to bring a creative vision to life. 

A lifelong musical collaborator, she makes standards sound freshly born with original phrasing that surprises with the muscle of  her powerful, emotive voice.  Jazz Weekly finds,”her husky and earthy voice reaching deep into the soil for the root of the piece…she is completely unintimidated…”

 A versatile and agile artist,  Shea has had the great pleasure to collaborate and perform with such artists as George Cables, Robben Ford, Trevor Dunn, Billy Hart, Cecil McBee, Bill Ortiz, Craig Handy, Noam Lemish and David Weiss. 

Stretching  the genres of jazz, singer/songwriter, electronica and even into the meditative realms, Shea is in a deep dive into the creation of new musical works, with so much more to follow...